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Marktplatz Mittelstand - Günter Kasel


Profi Minimalmengenschmierung - Systeme für CNC Maschinen


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Technische Produkte für die Kühlschmierstoffpflege, Minimalmengenschmierung, Schmierstoffe.

Günter Kasel - Handelsvertr./Vertrieb - Lilienthalstr. 10 - D-95444 Bayreuth - Germany
Telefon: +49(0)921-513371 - Fax: +49(0)921-5166029

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 Delivery to Germany and in lands of the EU (intra-Community supply)

Minimum quantity lubrication, MQL, minimum quantity lubrication system. for CNC machines.

 M&K minimum quantity lubrication.
High quality and stable products to today's
requirements of the minimum quantity lubricationon modern
CNC machines and customized to your demands.

minimum quantity lubrication system, MQL.

At the minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) machining processes are defined,
which in unlike conventional wet machining with conventional coolants, using
less than 20 ml. coolant per hour.
The minimum quantity lubrication is a method of lubrication in metal cutting
processes in the production technology. It enables the application of a
lubricant film in the immediate vicinity the machining area.
The friction between the tool, the workpieceis controlled by the
lubricating effect reduced. Swarf and workpiece remain nearly dry and the
machine environment clean. Costly coolant maintenance and disposal costs
for used coolants be omitted.
The minimum quantity lubricationis used during milling,turning, threading,
drilling, deep hole drilling, reaming and sawing.

Delivery in countries of the European Union.

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Delivery time:
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Please read and
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          Advantages of minimum quantity lubrication are:
                  -Low Lubricant requirements
                  -Savings cost of cleaning
                  -No waste disposal
                  -No environmental burden
                  -Active Environmental protection
                  -Increase the tool lives
                  -Higher Cutting speed
                  -Improved Surface quality
                  -Increased productivity

Overview minimum quantity lubrication MQL System, Basis
 and Modular.

Minimum quantity lubircation system,
MQL system “Basis”.

The minimum quantity lubrication system, MQL System, “Basis” is a cheap but high quality and stable solution.
It can by default withup to two separated adjustable triple coat jet nozzles equipped are. Actuation via solenoid valves are optionally available.
Detailed description.

Minimum quantity lubirction system  Basis
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Minimum quantity lubircation system
 MQL system “Modular”

When minimum quantity lubrication system
MQL System, “Modular” a pressurized oil
reservoir the lubricant medium dosed via a
modular block. and coaxial supplied in the
interior of the air line to the spray nozzle.
When minimal quantity lubrication system
Modular can be connected up to 10 separately
adjustable nozzle outlets.
This is a flexible supply plurality of processing
stations guaranteed. The minimal quantity
lubrication system Modular can be expanded as
needed with modular blocks.
Detailed description.

Minimum quantity lubircation system  Modular


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Günter Kasel - Handelsvertr./Vertrieb - Lilienthalstr. 10 - D-95444 Bayreuth - Germany
Telefon: +49(0)921-513371 - Fax: +49(0)921-5166029

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