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Technische Produkte für die Kühlschmierstoffpflege, Minimalmengenschmierung, Schmierstoffe.

Günter Kasel - Handelsvertr./Vertrieb - Lilienthalstr. 10 - D-95444 Bayreuth - Germany
Telefon: +49(0)921-513371 -

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Terms and conditions, consummer information.

 Terms and consumer information
Status: 02/2014

Terms and consumer information in the context of contracts of sale on the webshop between
 the Günter Kasel, Handelsvertr., D-95444 Bayreuth
- Concluded - as the "provider" - and the customer - in the "Customer" below.

I. Application of our Conditions of Sale.
  All transactions are exclusively subject to our terms and conditions.
  Deviating conditions of the customer are not recognized, not even
  if we do not expressly object to such conditions and / or the
  Perform delivery without reservation. On the basis of our general
  Terms and we have our offers and order confirmations out separately.

II. Conclusion.
  Our offers are always subject to change. The conclusion is only written by one of us
  issued confirmation of the order. There called performance specifications of the products
  are no quality guarantees.

III. Prices, terms of payment and delivery.

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, prices are "ex works".

  2. If you buy through our webshop we offer the following methods of payment in the shop

   a) bank transfer (our bank data you receive our order confirmation).

   b) Transfer within 14 days from the invoice date.
     (Only we know customers, or companies and institutions upon inspection and confirmation
    of the order).

  3. The right to withhold payments or offset with counter claims,
     exists only insofar as the counter claims are undisputed or legally binding.
  4. Fix delivery dates or periods must explicitly on the order confirmation
     be noted as such. Events of force majeure release us from complying called
    Delivery periods.

IV. Warranty, Exchange, merchandise return.

  The customer must inspect the delivered goods immediately and any defects
  immediately, but not later than 7 working days of receipt of goods at destination
  in writing. Otherwise, the delivery item shall be free from defect.
  The statute of limitations for all warranty claims, including claims for damages
  in accordance with Section VI is 12 months and begins with delivery of the goods.
  In addition, the statutory provisions shall apply.

 1. Special lt. Customer information is exchanged and RMA
   excluded. Moreover, the gesetzliichen provisions apply.

V. Retention of title.
  1. Until all claims (including balance claims from current account)
    the whatever legal reason to, now or in the future us
    We retain title to the delivered goods.
  2. If the delivery item is shown with other matters connected or further processed,
    that he is an integral part of a new thing, we shall be entitled to the new object
    Fractional ownership to which transfers the customer already now.
    If the customer acquires sole ownership of the new thing, it is agreed that the
    Customer transfer proportional joint ownership to us and we accept the transfer.
    Our co-ownership is determined by the value for the connection
    existing ratio of the invoice value of the delivered goods to the invoice value
    the thing with which it was connected to the delivery item.
    The proposed system is over for the new thing, the object of delivery in the case of other
    Corresponding connection or further processing.

VI. Liability.

   Compensation claims for compensation for direct and indirect damages,
   including accompanying and consequent damage, shall - irrespective of the
   Legal excluded.
   Remain unaffected hereof claims of the customer, if:
  1. We concealed a legal or material defect maliciously or if we have a guarantee of
   have taken on the nature of the goods delivered, the damage is intentional
   or gross negligence.
  2. out in culpable breach of duty by us in physical injuries or damage to health
   has, we for other reasons a not waivable liability (Product Liability Act)
   subject or the damage from a negligent breach of contract
   rests with us.
  3. However, in the case of a simple negligent breach of such obligations, our liability
   limited to the contract-typical, foreseeable damage to the amount of.
   Insofar as our liability is excluded or limited, this applies to the same extent
   benefit of our legal representatives and vicarious agents.

VII. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction and performance.
Only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany for all legal relationships
Exclusion of the UN Sales Convention.
Jurisdiction, if permissible, the headquarters of our company. The same applies
the place of performance.
Should one or more provisions of our terms of sale be or become invalid,
the remaining provisions will apply.

End of Terms
Status: 02/2014
Günter Kasel
Lilienthalstr. 10
D-95444 Bayreuth

(End of Conditions)

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Günter Kasel - Handelsvertr./Vertrieb - Lilienthalstr. 10 - D-95444 Bayreuth - Germany
Telefon: +49(0)921-513371

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