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Technische Produkte für die Kühlschmierstoffpflege, Minimalmengenschmierung, Schmierstoffe.

Günter Kasel - Handelsvertr./Vertrieb - Lilienthalstr. 10 - D-95444 Bayreuth - Germany
Telefon: +49(0)921-513371 -

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 Delivery to Germany and in lands of the EU (intra-Community supply)

Technical products - cooling lubricant maintenance

A good coolant lubricant maintenance is a prerequisite for long service
life of the coolant. Foreign oils form a continuous oil film on the coolant
lubricant. This are ideal living conditions for Bacteria, yeasts and fungi is. This results in a poorly smelling and deleterious medium that needs to
be immediately replaced and disposed expensive. It results in high costs
and an unnecessary strain on the environment with the following
products offered can be avoided.
All products offered here are proven, easy to handle, stable and

Oil skimmer, disc skimmer.

Oil skimmer, disc skimmer,
reliably remove floating tramp oils and abrasion finest shavings from
water-miscible cooling lubrications and other industrial baths. Thus the
life of the cooling lubrications increased significantly. Also, the smell and
steam significantly reduced.
The discs skimmer is characterized by a high capacity rate, however,
requires the attachment to the lubricants-container more space than a
belt skimmer.
We offer the disk skimmer with plastic disc for cooling lubrications, with
aluminum disc or stainless steel disc on for aggressive media
(cleaner and others).
The power supply is a power adapter (230 V), secondary 3-12 Volts,
adjustable in 6 steps.

Oilskimmer, discskimmer.

Detailed Description

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Oil skimmer, belt skimmer

Oil skimmer, belt skimmer.
When belt skimmer foreignoils removed with a special band,
the oil film should be closed. The advantage over the disks
skimmeris that less space is needed and a greater depth of
immersion is possible. Depending on the model, up to 800 mm
As with our disc skimmer, the power supplyis a power supply
unit (110-240V) and provides a non-critical low voltage of 5
volts DC.

Oilskimmer, beltskimmer

Detailed Description

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Nimatic oilskimmer, beltskimmer.

When the belt skimmer floating foreign oils (the oil filmshould be
closed) removedby means of aspecialbelt. The advantage over the
diskskimmer is the smaller space requirement and a higher
penetration depth.
Nimatic belt skimmer are strong, durable, yet inexpensive.
Ideal for use in low Space. Belt skimmer in 3 bandwidths 29, 49
and 80mm.

Belt skimmer 2430M_2450M_2480
Belt skimmer 2430F_2450F_2480F

Detailed Description

Oilskimmer, Oil catcher.

The “Oil Catcher” works with your machines coolant tank, and separates oil and grease contamination away from coolant fluid.
Thus, maintaining the coolant in a longer operational condition.

Aeration of cooling lubricants, aer pump.

The cooling lubricants aer pump cooling lubricants accumulates with oxygen.
At the same time buoyancy of oil and dirt particlesis increased.The oil film has no
way to close,whereby the coolant is not airtight and bacteria and fungi cannot
multiply.the bloated foreign substances can be perfectly removed with a belt

aer pump, Aeration, cooling lubricants.

Detailed Description

HAMMA micro aeration pump, micro 200, 300, 1000

The HAMMA micro aeration pump offers by the entry of air quality utmost
Your cooling lubricant. Using its simple installation and operation can be micro
adjust quickly to the needs of your cooling lubricant, through its timer can be
the micro control needs. Using its Aeration panels float fine air bubbles by the
coolant Here, the coolant has the property of the spent
Oxygen to accumulate again. The Biobalance is restored.

Hamma Mikrobelüfter 3

Detailed Description

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Cooling lubricant-emulsions combination test strip, 3 in 1.

Cooling lubricant-emulsions combination test strip, 3 in 1.
Test strip for measuring concentration of nitrite, water hardness, pH deviations.

cooling lubricant-Combination test strip 3 in 1

Detailed Description

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Günter Kasel - Handelsvertr./Vertrieb - Lilienthalstr. 10 - D-95444 Bayreuth - Germany
Telefon: +49(0)921-513371

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